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Case Studies

Alfa Laval Sliding Bowl Repair

A local oil waste recyling company had a major wear problem on their Alfa Laval MAPX 313 oil separator.  The separator has been used to clean contaminated waste oil. This resulted in the sealing face of the sliding bowl being eroded away. Subsequently the bowl would not seal and the separator failed.  The normal solution would be to buy a spare from the OEM or find a second hand replacement. Both these solutions were expensive and difficult to achieve due to the age of the machine.  We offered an alternative solution not recommended by the OEM.  We offered to reclaim the part with a weld repair.  This needed careful planning to ensure the part was not deformed during the procedure and the correct weld material was utilised.  After consultation with our welding experts, the procedure was put together.

1. Pre-heat the part to the recommended temperature and hold.

2. Select the correct weld material.

3. Start welding, small areas at a time. Allow to cool.

4. After welding was completed, allow to cool slowly. 

5. Set the part up on the vertical boring machine and machine.

You can see from the photo's that the job was a total success.  The customer was so pleased, that he decided, after testing the separator for two months to have a second machine repaired in the same way.  We understand that the bowl should have been balanced after such a procedure, but the customer decided that he wanted to try the sliding bowl first to see if this was necessary. It was not and the machine ran within the OEM vibration levels.

We don't advocate that this method of repair should be carried out in all cases and should only be attempted by experts in their field. 

Worn seal face

Weld repair of seal face

Face being machined

Finished view