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Case Studies

MKK Bowl Repair

A UK ship management company had a major problem with a MKK separator bowl. The ships crew had managed to jam the HFO separator bowls lock ring in place. On top of this they had then resorted to using a gas torch, grinder, hammer and chisel to try loosen the jammed lock ring.  This made things worse and all the bowls seals started to melt. Finally they gave up and called the ships superintendent. The bowl arrived in our works battered and bruised for repair.  After inspection it was decided that the lock ring would have to be machined out. The bowl was set up on the vertical borer and the old lock ring machined out. We then cleaned up the square section bowl thread and started to fit the new lock ring.  This was eventually achieved by the use of fine grinding paste and Belzona Belesta low friction oil additive. Due to the damage done to the bowl it was then necessary to rebalance the bowl and remark the lock ring tightening marks.  The bowl was returned to the ship at a fraction of the cost of a new bowl. 

bowl arrives

damage to bowl

re-fitting of new lock ring